About Us

Chef Paul Cummings founded Indulge Natural and Organic Catering in 2009 with an objective to create a company that would earn a reputation for quality, dedication, and creativity. Those objectives remain true today and have guided the growing business to become a highly sought-after and well recognized leading-edge caterer.

Growing up on a farm just outside of Brussels Ontario, Chef Paul had the farm to table concept instilled in him from an early age. Raising livestock, foraging, and harvesting vegetables on the family farm, Chef Paul was taught to respect ingredients and appreciate the work that goes into producing quality commodities.

After graduating from the prestigious Stratford Chefs School in 2007, he went on to work in a variety of restaurants, including Öviinbyrd in Muskoka, David’s Bistro in London and The Lakeview Cafe in Grand Bend. It was during his culinary journey, Chef Paul knew he needed to get back to his roots, to create partnerships with local farms and artisans and dive into his passion – creating a high end, culinary experience executed with thoughtfulness and care.

Indulge’s ingredient-driven menu celebrates the farmers, the fishers, and the food artisans of Canada. Through these ongoing relationships, Indulge ensures their guests the freshest of seasonal produce and ethically fed meat animals. And by working closely with local farmers, Indulge supports sustainability within its community. Over 95% of Indulge’s kitchen ingredients are Canadian, from locally produced vegetables and herbs, free-ranged natural and wholesome fed animals not only do we help reduce the huge carbon footprint of imported foods, but we ensure the food we offer is harvested and dispatched with respect.

Today, Indulge Natural and Organic Catering has become synonymous with quality and elevating the catering landscape with creativity, novelty, and edge. We are a growing company that has earned a reputation for going beyond kitchen limits and crafting experiences in unique, offsite destinations with a focus on local, fresh, and regional ingredients. Meticulous attention to detail, handcrafted dishes, and a farm-to-table commitment has Indulge Natural and Organic Catering surpassing even the highest of standards. Paul consistently raises the bar by anticipating and fulfilling the needs of our clients. He has a desire for fresh and local ingredients, sophisticated original fare, flexible budgeting plans – all while providing a memorable culinary experience. Guests can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure. Led by classically trained chefs, the passionate and dedicated kitchen team create unique, contemporary European fare from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients. Artfully presented, meticulously prepared and utterly delicious, the cuisine of Indulge promises an exhilarating experience.

Our clients can anticipate an unforgettable culinary adventure, led by classically trained chefs who are passionate and dedicated to creating unique, contemporary European fare from the finest of locally sourced seasonal ingredients.  Artfully presented, meticulously prepared and utterly delicious.  The marriage of fresh, local ingredients with the inspired dishes of our chefs has proved enormously popular with couples who love both the concept and the food.

From intimate micro-weddings to grand celebrations, Indulge offers carefully curated menus that will appeal to all:

  • Family Style Tapa
  • Buffet
  • Plated
  • Stations

From an All-Inclusive culinary experience, to a private plated dinner.  We recognize that each occasion needs to be as unique and diverse as our couples.

Chef Patron Paul Cummings

One of Chef Paul's many creations